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특징 (Features)

  • Universal input voltage : AC85 ~ 264V
  • Output Over Current Protection ( recover automatically )
  • Thermal protection circuits
  • RoHS Compliant
  • All using long life electrolytic capacitors
  • 100% full load burn-in test
  • Convection/Forced Air cooling
  • three year warranty

Input specification

규격 조건
Input Voltage 100VAC 85VAC ~ 264VAC
Input Frequency 60Hz
Efficiency (minimum) 90% Rated input & output voltage, current
In-rush Current (maximum) 30A

Output Specification

규격 조건
Rated Output Voltage +48.0VDC +12VDC
Rated Output Current 2.5A 7.0A
Maximum Output Current 3.7A 9.8A
Ripple and Noise (Maximum) 200mV p-p 100mV p-p with Electric capacitor 100㎌&ceramic capacitor 0.1F
Rising time (maximum) 100 mS CR mode, at output voltage 10~90%
Line Regulation (maximum) +/- 2 % input voltage range, max load
Load Regulation (maximum) +/- 2 % typ input voltage , output current range
Dynamic Load Regulation (maximum) +/- 5%

Protection circuit

규격 조건
Input Under Voltage protection alarm under 84VAC
Input over Voltage Protection alarm over 269VAC
Output Over Voltage Protection work over 105% rating output voltage recovers automatically
Output Over Current protection work over 115% rating output current recovers automatically
Output Short Circuit min 50S input voltage , max output current
Monitor & Alarm o

Lightning Surge

규격 조건
Line to AC_N +/-2.0kV / 2 Ω voltage1.2/50㎲, current 8/20 ㎲ combination
Line to F.G +/-4.0kV / 12 Ω voltage1.2/50㎲, current 8/20 ㎲ combination

Isolation Resistance

규격 조건
Input to Output min 100㏁ DC500V
Input to FG min 100㏁ DC500V

Dielectric withstand Voltage

규격 조건
Input to Output min 60S DC 2000V, without Varistor
Input to FG min 60S DC 2000V, without Varistor

Environment & Others

규격 조건
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ +75℃ humidity 10% ~ 95%
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃ humidity 10% ~ 95%
Vibration 10~55Hz, 2G 10min/1 cycle, X,Y,Z 1 hour Rated input & minimum load
Cooling Method convection/Forced air
Dimension 275X25 X 168 W X H X D (mm)